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Patient Testimonials

"I found Sally on my third round of ivf and wish I had been with her through the other two rounds! I had previously been to three fertility experts in acupuncture but my third round with Sally was the best. Sally is the real deal! She treats both the physical and emotional demands of ivf and, having experienced it herself, understands! Each visit she provides treatment specific to your needs at that time. Sally is also flexible to fit in appointments around the procedures which gives peace of mind and her prices are very competitive.

Unfortunately due to some extreme medical complications, my third ivf was only successful for a short time, however I continued to see Sally as I had found her treatment was helping me to feel physically and mentally stronger. I would often feel completely drained but I always left a treatment feeling revived and that I had enough strength to carry on.

I continued treatment with Sally during my miracle natural pregnancy that surprised us all a couple of months later!! Despite all my fears I had a simple, healthy, happy pregnancy and personally feel that I owe so much of that to Sally.

Although I no longer see Sally for fertility, I can feel when my body needs a treatment - which for me proves that it makes a difference! I have not felt that with other practitioners and can not recommend Sally enough - especially for fertility and pregnancy acupuncture. Everyone going through ivf needs a Sally in their life!! I can't thank her enough for what she did for me! "


"Sally is a fantastic practitioner, she is professional but very personable too. As a middle aged lady I have started feeling the symptoms of my age. Sally and acupuncture have been pivotal in helping my body and mind to cope with "changes". Recommended!!"


"I’d been suffering from headaches for almost 30 years.  Niggling and annoying headaches on a daily basis.  They wouldn’t put me out of action, but I was sensitive to noise and sometimes a bit grumpy!!!  I also suffered from migraines too, but fortunately only about once a year.  I’d just accepted that I would need to keep a constant supply of paracetemol to hand.  And then I met Sally…… At my initial consultation we agreed that I would need weekly sessions for 6 weeks and then this could be reviewed.  Sally explained everything to me and made me feel very relaxed.  It was brilliant.  The treatments worked.  Not only am I headache free around 90% of the time, there is also a definite improvement in my general wellbeing.  I don’t feel as tense and I have more patience with my children.  I visit Sally for a “top up” every 6 to 8 weeks.  It’s fantastic – give it a try."


"After suffering an accident some months ago, which resulted in severe back pain, I was referred by my GP to exercise classes , plus regular visits to an osteopath, all to no avail. On reading NHS choices, on the net, acupuncture was recommended. I contacted Sally Kenward, finding her a very professional practitioner, who explained all stages of my treatment. After just two visits, I was completely pain free, and find that returning for treatment every six to eight weeks, is good for my general well-being.

Most highly recommended."


"Sally has been my acupuncturist for several years and I cannot recommend her enough. It didn’t take her long to be in tune with exactly what I needed and my treatments have evolved as my life and circumstances have changed. She is not only exceptional at what she does but extremely personable and I look forward to my treatments and the way I feel afterwards. I have regular treatments and see them as integral to me staying healthy and balanced both physically and emotionally."


"It was the side effects of a change in my medication that first took me to Sally two years ago. She soon sorted me out but I have been going back regularly ever since. Sally is always a joy to visit and doing so helps to keep me feeling balanced and calm."


"I visited Sally for the first time out of desperation during a sudden attack of sciatica which had meant that my husband had to help me dress I was in so much pain.  It took a good 10 minutes to get into and out of the car the other end and I was very anxious, but nothing could be worse than what I was suffering.  Sally was very kind and sympathetic taking time to explain what she was going to do and what I could expect.  I was close to falling asleep during the treatment and once she was finished, almost without thinking, I was able to bend down and put my boots back on.  I was amazed at the difference it made immediately and after a further session I was more or less back to normal - thank you Sally! " 


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